Den Pluimer - Fishing Guide
Turn an ordinary fishing trip into a true outdoor experience!

Fishing for More doesn't mean that it will cost you any more - it means that you will get a whole lot more out of fishing!

When you go fishing with Den Pluimer you get more than just a fishing trip, you get an outdoor nature and fishing experience! Praise the Lord and Pass the Leeches

Because Den is also a retired High School Biology teacher and author with a Master's Degree in biology and nearly 40 years of teaching experience, his background and education in the sciences sets him apart from other fishing guides in the area. Read More...

"My goal is to teach you how to have fun fishing, and that means catching lots of fish, but also taking note of what is happening around you. We'll take time out to watch an eagle swoop down or a doe and twin fawns step to the water's edge for a drink. The bottom line is for you, at the end of the day, to reflect and say that this was a fun, productive, informative day and you will do it again." - Den Pluimer