Den Pluimer - Fishing Guide
Turn an ordinary fishing trip into a true outdoor experience!
Testimonial from Jeff Poppema, Customer:

"I have known Den for over 30 years, first as my high school science teacher and later as a teaching colleague. As an educator, I value the ability to teach others well. As an avid outdoorsman, I appreciate those who are willing and able to pass on the love and respect for our natural resources. Den does both exceptionally well. If you are looking for more than a fishing trip, Den is the guide for you. He'll not only put you on a lot of fish, but he'll help you develop the skills necessary to become a better fisherman on your own. He is especially good with kids of all ages." - Jeff Poppema

Testimonial from Dr. Mike Jones, Repeat Customer:

"Brad and I have been going with Den, a local fishing guide, for many years. It has become a traditional event. Brad has missed a time and Derrill went with me. But a trip to Big Trout isn't complete without a guided trip with Den. We catch only Bass, mostly jigging with plastic purple worms. We just told Den to take us fishing with him the first time we went. We don't care if we keep any. So, Den takes us to the best spots because we throw every fish back! The trip is only for one 4-hour-afternoon. Den brings everything, but we use our fancy G. Loomis rods. Usually, we catch over 40 amongst the 3 of us. Last time out it was 50 something, and good size of 2 to over 3 pounds. Mostly large mouth bass. Den gives a fishing seminar during the summer in Pine River, down by the park next to the river. Den has a steady clientele, and you have to book him early. It is a day with Brad I always enjoy, although he and Den catch the most fish." - Dr. Mike Jones